Boa Constrictors of Costa Rica

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Boa Constrictor in Costa Rica

The Boa That Swallowed My Cat

Boas start out small and just keep growing until they are so big they can eat nearly anything in the jungle, including people.

They are relentless and incredibly patient predators. Once they get the scent of an animal, they will wait for weeks in hiding until the animal passes. They have almost no smell, so most creatures have no idea they are about to be attacked until they feel the grip of death as the coils of the boa wrap around them.

The teeth of a boa are incredibly sharp, and angled backwards, so that the more one pulls and struggles to get free, the deeper they penetrate. Once I was bitten by a boat and the teeth on both sides of its mouth penetrated my skin and came out the other side, like two rows of fishhooks.

AND as if that wasn’t bad enough, a boa’s mouth often has dangerous and poisonous bacteria!

Most of the large predators such as Jaguars and Pumas have been killed off in Costa Rica, so there’s nothing to prevent these snakes from growing to immense size to become true living monsters, terrorizing remote jungle villages.

Boas that Kill

Boas often kill people in the United States, and these are just small PETS… see the following story:

Pet Boa Kills Nebraska Man

This boa was only 8-9 feet long and 25 pounds, and killed a 34 year-old grown man in front of his girlfriend, who was unable to rescue him!

The photo of the boa that I took above, shows a 10-12 foot boat in my front yard that was at least three times the weight of the one that killed this Nebraska man. Lucky for us, this boa only ate our poor housecat that we had brought from the U.S., which was about 10 pounds.

The really scary part is that boas can grow MUCH larger than this, and frequently do in Costa Rica, and I know people, such as my friend Dagmar Spremberg who have woken up in the morning to find them inside their bedrooms, after slipping through a window at night.

Photo of giant boa taken in Manuel Antonio:  Giant Manuel Antonio Snake